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Nutrition Information

Headitor: Platy Prod.s
Assistant Editors: Pterodactyl, André Bohren
Writers: Platy Prod.s, Dennis Held, Bob Garner, Adam Rea, André Bohren, Eric Lange, Ken Seidenburg, Lavishing Diarrhea, Pterodactyl, Lainey Wight, Kai Hawk, Morgan J. Aplan, Bill A. Neiman.
Photography: West Magoon, Platy Prod.s, Reggie Scanlan
Illustration: Anne, Earnest Graham III
Slave Fingers: André Bohren, Susan Nissen, Django Bohren
Layout: Django Bohren
Printing: Woody Giles at Woody's Little Print Shop
Miscellaneous Help: West Magoon, Susan Nissen, Woody Giles, André Bohren.

Platy Prods = Django Bohren
Pterodactyl = Susan Nissen
Lavishing Diarrhea = Jason Kirkmeyer
The Fonz = Adam Rea
Jaguar = Bill A. Neiman

The Book of Psychophallisitisis written by Morgan J. Aplan and Jaguar