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painting by Zachary Pullen

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okay, 'dogs, here's the deal...

please read all of this if you haven't been here before.

this is a part of my site that i've made specifically for raindogs of any kind.

i've had some spare time lately, so i'm slowly adding shows to the cover list that you can find here. the most recent additions have been covers and jcards for the sydney, australia 1979 show, sleepin' at drew's house, and tales from the underground vols 2-4.

Here's a link to my 2004 Tom Waits jack-o-lantern.

you can also check out some of the tom waits links that I've put up for your enjoyment. mail me if you want your link added to the list...

questions/comments/raves/rakes, etc, send to django@theExcuse.com

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