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Sites that I've been involved in

T shirt screen printing - Seatthole provides custom t shirt screen printing, custom buttons, band promotions, website development and more.

Johnny Sketch and the Dirty Notes great new orleans funk rock and roll.

Hip-Hop Record Label - Featuring everything from rap and hip-hop to folk, funk, rock and roll, techno music, punk rock and kids songs. More than 200 free MP3s.

Funny shirts, offensive tee shirts and anti bush tees sells funny tshirts, political stickers, shirts, buttons and gifts.

Play Dead Pics - Submit pictures of yourself in various death poses.

Friend's Cool Sites

calculated risk films Reed Merschat's ultra monochromatic movie-making addict site.

t-shirt printing and embroidery - King Shirts provides professional custom t-shirt printing and embroidery on polo shirts. Government discounts available!

Andy Robbins Art illustration by my pal, Andrew Robbins. the underdogs blues by the underdogs. good music. check out the review at the excuse.
Muddy Mountain Pottery West Magoon and Tana Libolt make some of the coolest hand-made Raku Ray Guns, pottery puzzle mugs, rope mugs, and ceramic dinnerware sets. Fist Of Blog - A blog by people who hate blogs. Go there.

Just Cool Sites

red meat his name is Max, and his cartoons are cool. i've never gone here and been bored. you can get lost for years.
very cool site rob cockerham's badass site of randomness. look at it or you'll be sorry.
Our Traded Links - Links to sites that we've traded links with. Links muthaF$*&a, links.

Miscellaneous Amusing Debris

Rainbows and Unicorns A must for every unicorn hunter. Dirty kids rhymes from across the country. Add yours!

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